Thomas Schwan

Dallas, TX, USA / Milano, Italia

Thomas Schwan (Milano 1985), photographic artist and classical musician. My journey with photography began in my late twenties over the need of a radical questioning of myself and reality. Among my influences are the images of E. Atget, P. Strand, W. Evans, M. White, L. Ghirri, the music of J.S. Bach, and the philosophy of Pascal and Heidegger. Above all, the encounter with the work, the writings, and the person of Giovanni Chiaramonte has been decisive for my personal and artistic growth and in my decision of pursuing photography. I see the medium as a problematization of the apparently innocuous fact that something other than ourselves exists “out there”; starting from this premise I aim at creating philosophical imagery centered around the themes of the sacred, the isolation of individual consciousness, and the human need of reconciling oneself with the world and with one’s heart.